Wooldul Hospital


Greetings from the President


I'd like to thank you for visiting our hospital's website.
Opened in 2008, Wooldul Hospital has grown into a leading spine hospital that is trusted by patients and provides various nonoperative and minimally invasive treatments in Ulsan Korea. It continued to expand, and has now grown to become an advanced treatment hospital with 8 clinical departments, namely, spine surgery (neurosurgery), joint surgery (orthopedics), thoracic and cardiovascular surgery, internal medicine, anaesthesiology and pain medicine, radiology, oral implant dentistry, and health screening center.

We will make the hospital comfortable and reliable place which you and your families want to visit again. To become a patient-oriented hospital, we will make utmost efforts to meet three criteria; those are, fast processing, warm-hearted service, and satisfactory clinical outcome, Your continued support and guidance will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Ho-Suk Jang
Wooldul Hospital

Main Value

  • Cooperative conference for higher success rate

    A cooperative consultation is held in every early morning in order to determine more effective treatment. All medical specialists from different departments of our hospital attend the cooperative conference and review the medical decision by one doctor.

  • One stop service with multi-language assistance

    One stop service is provided for your convenience. All your consultations, diagnostic tests (X-ray, CT, MRI, Ultrasonic, and Endoscopic examinations) and treatments will take place at the hospital on the same day. Doctors speak English and foreign language (Spanish, Japanese, Chinease)-speaking staffs help you in our hospital.

  • Non- or minimally invasive methods

    Because most diseases are well treated without surgery, non-surgical treatments are recommended first. If surgery is needed in some cases, surgeons perform minimally invasive methods for the sake of reducing the surgical risk as well as the patient's healing time (reduced incisional pain, improved cosmesis, rapid mobilization, early hospital discharge, etc). Elderly patients with compromised physiologic reserve also can be treated more safely and effectively by minimally invasive methods.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to think of patient safety, to share with our community, to provide ethical care, to consider patient time, and to explain easily.
Our Vision is to be the safest and most effective hospital in Ulsan, characterized by innovation, compassion and respect.

Visiting guide

  • Address : 228 Jungang-Ro Nam-Gu Ulsan 44690
  • Phone : TEL. 1544-7110
  • Fax : 052)706-1112

Public Transportations

  • In Downtown Ulsan - Get off at Ulsan City Hall
    • City Bus : 106, 127, 205, 216, 226, 235, 256, 266, 337, 411, 412, 413, 426, 427, 433, 708, 713, 714, 715, 724, 728, 732, 744, 807, 824, 837
    • Express City Bus : 1127
    • Limousine : 5001
  • At Ulsan Express Bus Terminal - Get off at Ulsan City Hall
    • City Bus : 127, 807, 837, 337, 708
  • At Ulsan KTX station - Get off at Ulsan City Hall
    • Limousine Bus : 5001
  • At Ulsan Airport - Get off at Ulsan City Hall
    • City Bus : 216, 235, 266, 714
    • Express City Bus : 1127


For your convenience while visiting Wooldul Hospital, our valet parking service is happy to take care of your car for you.